About Melonie Michelson

Melonie Michelson is a freelance writer and science educator who spent over 30 years working as a genetic counselor and educator at Akron Children’s Hospital. During that time, she developed and coordinated Akron Children’s fetal treatment center and publications such as Teaching Human Genetics: Resources for Science and Biology. After having a child with a genetic condition, she switched career paths from journalism to medical genetics.

Tools for recognizing substance abuse in pediatric practice

One in 3 children starts drinking by the end of 8th grade, so it’s important for pediatric primary care providers to know how to recognize substance abuse in their practice. This was the focus of a presentation by Jessica Castonguay, DO, MPH, at Akron Children’s Hospital’s annual Pediatric Update in April. Dr. Castonguay described questions she uses […]

Understanding Munchausen by proxy, or abuse in the medical setting

Munchausen by Proxy syndrome was the difficult topic discussed by keynote speaker J. Carlton Gartner, MD, at Akron Children Hospital’s annual Pediatric Update for the Practicing Physician in April. Now termed, Abuse in the Medical Setting, this rare condition is a simulated or real illness in a child produced by a parent or parent substitute […]

Answering the question about how geography affects your health

Combining the efforts of primary care, public health and geographers was the focus of a talk by Joel Davidson MD, and Laura Shuh, MPH, at Akron Children’s Hospital’s annual Pediatric Update in April. They spoke about a research project they’re conducting that aims to answer the question, “How does where you live affect your health?” […]

Importance of routine healthcare for pediatric patients with sickle cell disease

With routine check-ups and specialty care, children with sickle cell disease today can expect to live long, productive lives, explained Prasad Bodas, MD, during his lecture to primary care practitioners at Akron Children’s Pediatric Update in April. This wasn’t the case in 1960 when children with sickle cell disease didn’t typically live past 14 years […]

Treating chronic fatigue syndrome

Doctors treating chronic fatigue syndrome should focus on restoring function versus making a diagnosis, according to Dr. J. Carlton Gartner, a keynote speaker at Akron Children’s Hospital’s Annual Pediatric Update for the Practicing Physician.

How to approach first-time seizures

When a seizure occurs, parents want to know: Will it happen again? Could there be brain damage? How and when do you treat? Will activity be restricted? Dr. Chinasa Nwanko shared answers at Akron Children’s recent Annual Pediatric Update for the Practicing Physician.