About Dr. Cooper White - Director, Locust Pediatric Care Group

Dr. P. Cooper White is a pediatrician and the director of the Locust Pediatric Care Group at Akron Children's Hospital. In addition, he is the vice president of the medical staff and associate chair for primary care and community health.

February Notes from the Medical Staff President

To the Medical Staff: This is a month with little news relative to the usual activities of our committees and the Medical Staff Executive Committee (MSEC). This last month’s MSEC meeting was dominated by the activities of the Credentialing Committee, which has been busy revising and reviewing close to a dozen credentialing documents and various […]

January Notes from the Medical Staff President

Read Dr. Cooper White’s monthly letter concerning the ongoing work of various medical staff committees, the recent TB exposure of patients and staff, plus the AAP statement on protecting immigrant children.

September Notes from the Medical Staff President

To the Medical Staff: This month, there are several items from the most recent Medical Staff Executive Committee (MSEC) meeting that warrant sharing. As usual, the Credentialing Committee presented a list of candidates for inclusion on the medical staff. This included 3 physicians, 1 psychologist and 6 advanced practice providers. This reflects a tremendous amount […]

July Notes from the Medical Staff President

Dr. Cooper White welcomes new members and presents news from the July MSEC meeting regarding policies, annual dues and the latest influenza guidance.

June Notes from the Medical Staff President

Thanks to all who attended our recent Annual Meeting. In addition to encouraging reports from Bill Considine and Bob Trabucco, we also heard from: outgoing Credentialing Committee chair, Dr. James Fitzgibbon; Julie Tsirimbidis, leader of our Advanced Practice Center; and Dr. Michael Bigham, reporting on progress made by the Medical Staff PI Committee and the […]

April notes from the Medical Staff President

I have devoted much of the space in my recent letters to the committee structure of the medical staff. Today I will diverge from that approach to discuss policies, the output of much committee activity. “Policies…We don’t need no stinkin’ policies” you might say. Ah, but we do. Policies are essentially an agreement on how we will treat our patients and how we will treat each other. We couldn’t function without them and as medical staff members we have agreed to follow them.

March notes from the Medical Staff President

Dr. P. Cooper White offers updates on the ACT Now! project to optimize patient access to primary and subspecialty care, the hospital’s continuing quality and patient safety efforts, as well as reporting and treatment options open to medical staff concerned about addiction.

February notes from the Medical Staff President

The most pressing issue I must convey this month has to do with the Aging Patient Policy. This issue has been covered in this space before, but the time is coming near for it to take full effect.

January notes from the Medical Staff President

I have highlighted the work of many committees involved in medical staff governance in past newsletters. This month, I’d like to mention the important work of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee. A subcommittee of the Medical Staff Performance Improvement committee, it’s chaired by Dr. Steve Kuerbitz and managed jointly by John Lepto, the director of Pharmacy.

November notes from the Medical Staff President

Dr. White details the work of the Professional Performance Evaluation Committee, chaired by Dr. Mike Bigham, and offers congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Department of Pediatrics’ Legendary Service Awards.