Inpatient flu vaccine protocol: November update

  • Global Goal: Prevent morbidity and mortality from influenza, especially for our high risk population (by default, most of our hospitalized population)
  • Smart Aim: Increase our percentage of eligible hospitalized patients receiving influenza vaccines prior to discharge by 15% for the 2017-2018 influenza season at all Akron Children’s Hospital acute care units.
  • Secondary Aim: Increase percentage of patients with completed protocol screening to 80%.

November Flu Vaccine Data

  • 89% (807/911) were screened at admission
    • Aultman, St. Joe’s, MV: all 100%; 6200: 96%
  • 77% (703/911) had protocol completed or vaccine status assessed in some way (documented vaccine, ordered by doc, no consent)
    • Missed 195 patients, 13 of which got vaccine after
  • 37% Not Interested at admission
  • 66% of Already Received Flu Vaccine had it documented in immunization section
    • 87 not documented within our system

For more information about our Fight Flu protocol, contact Dr. Gunkelman at sgunkelman@akronchildrens.org or 330-543-4440. We will provide regular updates on our progress in future editions of Pediatric Pulse.


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