July Notes from the Medical Staff President

Laura Pollauf, MD, Medical Staff President, Director, Division of Emergency Medicine

To the Medical Staff:

As I embark on my two-year term as President of the Medical Staff, I feel honored to serve in this position and want to thank you for this opportunity. I promise to strive to meet and exceed the expectations of this leadership role and be a strong advocate for our medical staff.

I would also like to thank Dr. Cooper White for his leadership as our President these past two years. He served our medical staff well with his thoughtful approach, and I learned much from him. I want to thank him for helping prepare me to fill his big shoes. I am fortunate to still have his wisdom and guidance to count on, as he continues to serve as Past President.

I also want to welcome Dr. Michael Forbes as our new Vice President. All who know him understand the expertise he brings to the table regarding leadership, dedication to our organization and being a voice for the medical staff. I look forward to working with him in this capacity.

In his role as vice president, Dr Forbes will be responsible for overseeing the collection of medical staff dues and determining how best to utilize this money to benefit our medical staff. As we embark on the new academic year, it is also time for our annual medical staff dues to be assessed. Information will be sent out via email on August 1, and  dues can conveniently be paid via payroll deduction. The payment deadline is September 30.

I wanted to share an update from our last MSEC meeting that was held July 18. Our July meeting is the first of the academic year and my first meeting as chair of the MSEC. We welcomed our new committee members who include Jennifer Baccon, chair of Pathology, Anna Frabotta as an APP representative, Stephanie Savelli as DOP representative, Bob Parry as Department of Surgery representative, Jason Spivey as our at-large appointee, Maria Ramundo as our new chair of the Credentials Committee and Michael Forbes.  We appreciate their commitment to participate on this committee and look forward to working with them.

We approved 11 new providers for Active membership as we continue to grow our medical staff.  We also approved our June provisional applicants consisting of 11 physician providers from the Department of Pediatrics who successfully completed their residency/fellowship with us and joined our medical staff in July. We approved Dr. Elizabeth Specht for Emeritus Staff status as her retirement became effective June 30. We thank her for her 37 years of service with dedication to the education of our residents and leadership in Medical Education. Our Informed Consent policy was approved along with delineation of privileges forms for Podiatry and Radiology and APP Surgery/Trauma. The hospital board subsequently endorsed these actions.

With sadness, we say goodbye to one of our own. Our dear colleague, Dr. Haynes Robinson, passed away on Tuesday, July 25 after a very successful 54-year career in Genetics. During his time at Akron Children’s Hospital, he had many outstanding achievements including founding the Genetic Center in 1977 and helping establish our Fetal Treatment Center, which he co-directed until his retirement this year. There was a memorial service to celebrate his life and medical contributions held this past Saturday on July 29. Dr Robinson will be greatly missed, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family, as well as his friends and colleagues who had the privilege of working with him.

As we make our way quickly through summer with July already behind us, I hope you all have an opportunity to enjoy these last few weeks of the season. Don’t forget that the Akron Marathon, sponsored by Akron Children’s Hospital, will be held on September 23. It is a great event for both our hospital and our community.


Laura Pollauf, MD
Medical Staff President

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