New Children’s Advice Line offered for referring physicians

physician-Advice-Line-photoAkron Children’s Hospital is launching a new Children’s Advice Line in November to provide assistance and support for referring physicians. The phone line will act as a bridge between Akron Children’s Hospital and the patients of our referring physicians.

“Given the high acuity of our patients and the increasing complexity of the healthcare system, it’s vital that we remain readily available to our referring physicians throughout the region,” said Dr. Norm Christopher, chairman, Department of Pediatrics. “The Children’s Advice Line provides a simple way for our physician colleagues to seek input, advice and direction – in real time – regarding one of their patients.”

The line is not an appointment or specialist referral line, but instead is meant to offer physician-to-physician support and will be staffed by our hospital medicine physicians. Referring primary care doctors can call to seek advice about care or to get diagnosis assistance or request suggestions on which department or specialist to refer a particular patient to.

Calls will come in on a designated line through our Comm Center and will be routed to one of our hospitalists. We will track the physicians calling and why so we can create targeted tools and information to better support our referring physician base.

“Ultimately, we plan to show that the quality of care provided to these patients will be maximized,” said Dr. Christopher, “as will be the quality of service and support given to referring physicians.”

The Children’s Advice Line can be reached at 330-543-4593.

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