SmartSets help guide ambulatory care

Dr. Amy Maneker

Dr. Amy Maneker

Order Sets in Epic help guide and standardize inpatient care. SmartSets serve a similar function in the ambulatory arena.

As you may be aware, order set content development and maintenance is supervised by the Order Set Committee, a joint venture of Akron Children’s Quality and Information Services departments. We are moving toward having a similar organizational structure surrounding SmartSets.

Here are the logistics of this endeavor:

Ambulatory SmartSets: Epic SmartSets serve to expedite management of patients by grouping diagnoses, medications, tests and procedures, patient follow-up and billing all under one searchable title. SmartSets also serve as support tools to provide diagnosis-specific recommendations for tests and treatments based on evidence-based guidelines. Appropriately built and utilized SmartSets can improve quality of care by guiding providers to choose treatment plans that comply with the best available evidence and thereby limit unnecessary tests and procedures as well as improve antimicrobial stewardship.

Ambulatory SmartSet Committee: SmartSet content development and maintenance will be supervised by the SmartSet Committee, a multidisciplinary group with representation from Quality Services, Patient Services, the IS Epic team and Medical Staff.

Ambulatory SmartSet Logistics: Dr. David Karas will chair the committee, with support by Maggie Taylor, RN, clinical care standardization specialist. She can be reached at 330-543-5334. The committee will establish processes for SmartSet development, optimization and maintenance. The SmartSet Committee will report to the Medical Performance Improvement Committee.

Ambulatory SmartSet Author: The SmartSet author’s responsibilities will include managing the content of his/her department/division’s SmartSets, as well as providing the evidence for care where such evidence exists, and gaining consensus among the department for best practices. To comply with Joint Commission requirements, SmartSets will need to be reviewed on a regular basis. We anticipate the committee will develop a process for what regular review of SmartSets will entail.

Each department/division has already identified an Order Set owner. In many divisions, the Order Set owner acts as the “EMR content owner” for that specialty and is the contact for Order Sets, documentation templates and ambulatory SmartSets.

In the near future, we will ask division directors/department chairs to confirm their SmartSet authors as well as secure nominations for committee members.

If you are interested in serving on the SmartSet Committee, please contact Dr. Karas at 330-336-3539; Dr. Michael Bird at mbird@chmca.org or 330-543-8290; or me at amaneker@chmca.org or 330-543-0500.

Please join our efforts to provide the best care possible at Akron Children’s Hospital.

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