Most CT scans being done in temporary facility during upgrade

CT ScannerWe are replacing our main GE 16-slice CT scanner with a Toshiba Aquillion One 320-slice CT scanner that can do many exams in 0.2 seconds, alleviating the need for sedation in many patients.

Dr. Michael Rubin

Dr. Michael Rubin

This work will be complete by May 20. Until then, we are using a GE 16-slice CT scanner in a trailer outside the main radiology department on Locust Street. A temporary covered walkway has been constructed from the hospital to the trailer.

Because of superior reconstruction images, most patients will be imaged on this scanner. For the small number of patients who cannot be brought to the trailer, we will use the GE 4-slice CT scanner in the ER. Intubated patients, sedated patients, PICU/NICU patients and a subset of trauma patients are among those to whom this applies.

We appreciate your patience while the scanner is installed. If you have any question or concerns, please contact me at mrubin@chmca.org or 330-543-3279. You can also contact Linda Hetson at lhetson@chmca.org or 330-543-8299.

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