My goals as medical staff vice president


Dr. Cooper White with a patient

It has been about a month since my election, and I remain grateful and humbled by the confidence placed in me by our staff … famous quotes about vice presidencies notwithstanding.

It has been something of an immersion experience between getting to know the roles and relationships of our very capable Medical Staff office, serving on new committees and learning more about the expanding regulatory environment now facing medical staffs.

The medical staff officer terms were recently changed to 2 years to allow the vice president sufficient time to learn medical staff needs and to maintain continuity from an extended presidency period.

Needless to say, the unprecedented growth of our staff and expansion of our hospital system have necessitated this change. I hope to take full advantage of this learning opportunity so I can serve as effectively as possible in this role and the next.

The rapid rate of change in healthcare delivery systems in general, and ours in particular, will undoubtedly continue into the next decade. My goal is to help our medical staff and hospital system navigate these changes successfully.

There is much to do. Maintaining the superb care we deliver to our patients in the safest possible manner is paramount.

Doing so, while at the same time shifting the paradigm to one of population health and eliminating healthcare disparities will be our greatest challenge. These efforts will be informed by the use of data and our ever-more-sophisticated information systems.

It is clear to me that only by working in concert with our administration, medical staff and all of our wonderful supporters, will we be able to meet these challenges and rise to the top. I’m excited and looking forward to the next 2 years. I hope you are as well.

About Dr. Cooper White - Director, Locust Pediatric Care Group

Dr. P. Cooper White is a pediatrician and the director of the Locust Pediatric Care Group at Akron Children's Hospital. In addition, he is the vice president of the medical staff and associate chair for primary care and community health.

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