August Notes from the Medical Staff President

To the Medical Staff: As summer winds down, I hope you enjoy our transition to fall. I will begin my letter with an update regarding the activities of the Medical Staff Executive Committee this month which included privileging 9 new providers who joined our medical staff, along with approving additional privileges for 3 of our […]

Akron Children’s names Chief Research Officer

Michael E. Kelly MD, PhD joined Akron Children’s Hospital as chief research officer on May 1. Dr. Kelly will oversee the Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute and research activities conducted enterprise wide, directing the process to define the vision, clinical trial strategy and management of research studies conducted within the Akron Children’s system. Dr. Kelly […]

Take confidential Medical Staff survey on wellness, stress

Dear Colleague, We invite you to participate in an IRB-approved (exempt status), anonymous survey regarding wellness, stress and burnout among employed physicians, nurse practitioners and other medical staff members at Akron Children’s Hospital. Your participation is entirely voluntary and your responses are completely anonymous. We will not know whether you responded or not, nor will […]

April Notes from the Medical Staff Vice President

While Dr. White is in Europe enjoying a well-deserved vacation, it is my pleasure to present to the medical staff an update on activities for April.  With Dr. White’s term as President of the Medical Staff winding down over this next quarter, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for his mentorship during […]

Tools to support researchers

Research Institute launches online tool for new and experienced investigators Whether you’re new to research at Akron Children’s Hospital or an experienced investigator, the Rebecca D. Considine Research Center has a new online tool to guide you through the research process and support staff ready to assist. This comprehensive, step-by-step checklist walks you through everything […]

Akron Children’s launches IRBNet for online research submissions

Akron Children’s is now using the IRBNet suite of online tools to streamline the submission and management of hospital research studies. The tools are intended to increase efficiencies by reducing the time between when a study is submitted and approved, as well as providing convenient web-based access. “Because research studies can be accessed electronically, everyone […]

Medical staff publications, presentations

Review recent publications and presentations by Akron Children’s Hospital Medical Staff members.

Joint research aimed at finding best approach for repairing patellar dislocation

The Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America has awarded a $30,000 research grant to pediatric orthopedic surgeon Kerwyn Jones and orthopedic research scientist John Elias, who are collaborating to develop computer models to determine the best surgical approaches to repair a dislocating kneecap.

Kerwyn Jones, MD, chairman of the department of orthopedics at Akron Children’s Hospital, serves as the principal investigator and John Elias, PhD, senior orthopedic research scientist at Akron General Medical Center, is co-investigator.

Standardized patient handoffs can reduce care failures by 69 percent, study finds

When children become critically ill, there’s a constant transfer of information and responsibility between providers while they’re in the hospital. These incidents are called patient handoffs, and, if not done in a standardized way, can lead to failures in care, such as a missed medication or delayed treatment, according to a recent study published in the July issue of Pediatrics.

Dr. Michael Forbes offers insights on missed childhood obesity diagnoses on popular physician blog

Childhood obesity has become a growing, nationwide problem. The CDC reports that 18% of children ages 6-11 are considered obese while 12.1% of children ages 2-5 fall into this category. Dr. Michael Forbes believes physicians can play a key role in helping obese patients improve their health.